To control options of their radio station through any pc with access to internet via web is possible.


Wit web server, is the ideal tool for to control in a way efficient several functions of the player.

It includes monitor of audio of the studies

Connections for retransfers in direct, without any operator in the studies central, all controlled one via web.

Retransmitir a I concert, event that producers make the programs from their own ones studies, it is possible.

Even that those speakers make the programs from their own house.

With shipment of audio of IP to IP

Wit web server, allows him to activate or to disable one satellite connection or internet via web.

Access to the display, to know that it is hearing to that hour it will finish and the following

Commands of the player, play, stop, pause.

Pending publicity of emitting

Sátelite connections and scheduled internet

Consultation of check errors