Biblio, is a tool to help us that is of how many songs and files prepare without these they are of high in the wit. They are base different.



Let us suppose that we need to know if we already have a song, or where it is stored, we will appeal to biblio to know it.







The screen of enter publi it is very similar to the wit data entry:


  1. We select a portfolio or a file
  2. We indicate the RE that can be where this stored, for example if it is a DVD the number of the same one.
  3. Data of the song, if it prepares of ID3tag, it will catch them of this. We also can to define style, or that it catches like style the name of the portfolio.
  4. To begin the high one, it scans of it forms quick the portfolios and suitable subcarpetas.






It is where we can make our consultations, to look for for beginning, contained words, to order for song, artist, album, style, year, dates.


With easiness will be able to know if we have a song and where it is stored.

Also we can erase from here the data that we don't want.