AUDIO RT: I Ship audio through internet without delay, on time real


A simple and effective form of to send audio without delay through wit internet to wit


- It allows return of audio

- Up to 320 kb/s of quality, depending on the ascent speed of their it lines of internet.

- Automatic disconnect and activation of the player if some cut takes place.

- Delay near to 0.5 seg.

- It requires opening of a port


It has a SERVANT integrated in the player to receive the connections and the audio one, without that there is nobody in the studies, any operator.






We recommend:

Card player + trajeta predetermined windos recording and reproduction are the same one, for easier configuration







In Windows seen, those options of selecting cards should become manual, they cannot be carried out automatically, we should leave selected the canal  of recording of the card that we will use manually for to send the audio one.


We have noticed that some sound blaster can take place sounds type clacks, consult with support if it happens.



1          we go to tx.configuración



      Once we are we find the following screen:




Audio Play: let us put the card ,for the one that want to receive the RETURN, return of audio, alone works in Windows xp.


Audio Rec: let us put the predetermined card of Windows and of the wit player. We select the line that we want then for I ship of audio, it lines in, all that is heard, etc. The advantage of using the predetermined card of recording of Windows, is that we will be able to see the levels of audio in the master of the wit.


Protocol: let us use protocol UDP, it is that us it offers a better transmission quality, the option TCP it is included for cases special.


Puerto:  uses the port to receive the audio one, we can choose the one that want, we SHOULD REDIRECCIONARLO AND to OPEN IT in the ROUTER, as when we make streaming of audio for Internet.


Volume rec: it is the level of volume of the selected channel of the card of audio for the I ship of audio.


Format connection: it is the sound quality with which will emit, have encuenta the speed of ascent of our internet connection.


Format return: it is the quality of audio that will send to the return, we recommend to use a quality low monkey, for not saturating the you line of Internet and to reduce the consumption. When sending us audio, this option doesn't affect us.


Maximum clients: clients' number that they can be connected us, in our case we put 5, BECAUSE this option is for emisiónes in CHAIN, there is ANOTHER MANUAL FOR THIS AND it doesn't have importance when audio recibibimos.


Car Server: this option is so that when you open the player it is already activated the wait SERVER of connections and let us don't have to make it manual.


Activate Server audio send: this option leaves it RECALLED, blank, it is for chain connections.


2         Now we go to RT.conexiones



To create a connection we give to the one +

Nombre:  any name that we want for that connection

IP:  the IP to which leave aconectar, alone the numbers example:

User:   names of user (alone if we have the option of countersigns activated in the wait Server)

Password: the countersign (alone if we have the option of countersigns activated in the wait Server)

Protocol: It should be the one same that has the Server that is in wait, let us use UDP, default.




3         TO SEND AUDIO



We go to the player




If we pulse in the button of the red circle, we are opened the screen of sending audio:


1: screen of information


2:  we select the connection


3:  we select the quality of audio


Activate: if we pulse in it activates us we connect, it will become green


Audio: we send audio toward the other pc


Return: we listen the return of audio


Car active Publi: . it disables the car of publicity of the player of the pc to the one that we have connected ourselves, in green, the car of the publi marked estña, in red recalled.


Cs:   ships a command of stop to the pc to which connect ourselves, that is to say the next puts on a stop so that it doesn't leave nothing else after what is reproducing, and we pulse this way the audio one, to send audio and to square the entrance.


Send player play: when pulsing audio, then our player begins to reproduce, to synchronize the I ship of audio.


Vol: level of the audio one that we are sending.


4:  there we will see that it is reproducing the player from the pc to which there are us connected, the bill to after and that there is in the next, we will also see the  hour of the publicity, we will know this way to that hour we can suffer a cut. If the publicity is in car, the wit of the power station it would cut us, it would put the publicity and it be connected us again.