The backs is one utility that incorporates the wit, to help us to put background music to certain musical files.


The utility it can be the following one, we are recording the news with alone the voice of those bearers, without music of any type, then the back, allows us to add a musical bottom to that news when it is reproduced.




The backs you it finds in wit  à   menú  à backs


The backs relates a style with music's file that it will make background for the classified files with that style.


Ej: let us believe a back,

We give to the one +, we choose the style then to which want to add a bottom, we put on in the stall back, and we pulse in the button portfolio, to choose the file of audio, that it will be used as bottom.


The backs, they can be used in songs, masks, fx, several, publicity, whenever the estilo1 coincides.


Also we have an option of volume to indicate to that level that background music should sound, the securities oscillate between 0 and 100.