FTP downloader




The FTP downloader is a tool that will allow us to administer and to automate our discharges that come from a servant of FTP.


We will be able to to make the following:


To program the discharges of files determined by date and hour

To place this programs directly in the sheduling and radio that we want.

To compare two directories, that of the servant and that of our pc, and to lower the files that we don't have.








The first thing that we will make it is to create the servants to those that we will connect ourselves, indicating the address, user and countersign.


For it we will consent to the screen of servants pulsing on the button + SERVERS







We give to the one + of adding, to create a new discharge

  1. we put him the name of the it discharges



  1. we select the servant from the one that we will discharge


  1. url of the discharge, address of the one I file with the name of the same one, the route where it is in the one servant, but we know we can press it on the lantern and it will leave us a screen that is connected the Server and us it indicates the files of this, we select it and we pulse then on SELECT URL, and that address is selected in our discharge.





  1. to keep in, we indicate in that portfolio of our pc, we will keep the file.


  1. We indicate the hour and date in that it should be discharged, and so that I radiate it is.


  1. If we want to send that file to the sheduling directly, we indicate the day the hour and to that column of the same one wants him to put on. If we don't want that pass to the scheduling, that will make it will be to leave these blank data.



  1. If what we want is to send it to the program programmer of wit, we put here the hour and the day.



  1. If we want that that file that we will lower it is already of high as songs, masks, fx, several or publicity, here we indicate it, if we want to classify it with a certain style, we will also be able to to select it.





We prepare of a display of information that indicates us that there is happened each discharge:

The discharges completed in the it lists they are in green, those that an error red and blank en    has taken place the slopes.







It is option, allows us to create a portfolio in our pc and to compare it with one of the FTP,

Then when in the ftp a new portfolio has been placed, this it is gone down automatically to our pc.


We can to program this comparison for days and hours.


We go to the screen of FTP to COMPARE, we pulse on that button.



1 add a portfolio to compare him we give to the one +


2 select a ftp servant



3 the radio for which is



4 select the portfolio of the ftp, that we will compare, we put the url here, but la  knows we pulse on the lantern and we select it in the screen that will come out pulsing on SELECT URL.



5 select the portfolio of the pc, that we will compare.




6 if we want that those files that we will descend give of high automatically in files stocking, here we indicate it, but we want, we don't simply mark anything.

We can also classify already them for styles.



7 here indicate the hours and days so that he/she makes the comparison in an automatic way.

   These days and hours they are for all the portfolios that it is necessary to compare.

   So that it compares of form automatic, the ftp should be open or minimized.




8 if we want to make manual comparisons, we prepare of two options.


    To compare an alone one portfolio:



    To compare all the portfolios:






Once the comparison, the opposing files is made to discharge they pass to the classic FTP, for their discharge.

Then there, in the classic ftp we could indicate options of different scheduling for each one if we wanted, so that it doesn't discharge in mediatamente and we can make it we have the option Activated and disabled in the classic ftp.









Those discharges in the ftp to compare, they are carried out in those hours and days that we indicate.


Those discharges in the classic ftp are carried out the day and hour indicated in each discharge.


Those discharges in the classic ftp that have given error, you he/she attempts every 60 minutes again, if it is possible their discharge.