Presentations and Pisadores


The objective it is if we have presentations, sound files with recorded voices and we want to use them in an automatic way in our programming.

IT ADMITS SO MUCH presentation-pisadores for INTRO and OUTRO stops.


That that it allows now for example it is: that they are inserted some certain pisadores for the songs of the style "HIT", those Friday of 20 to 21 hrs.


That is to say, we will have a total control of pisadores that we can program, for hours, days and styles of the songs, getting that he/she adapts to that complicated that it can be our programming.



We will give of high those files that will be presentations or pisadores.


You we recommend to make the following ones, to create a portfolio for example in an unit of disk that calls you, for example: pisadores and inside these subcarpetas with the classified pisadores, for example if we use pisadores for the style "HIT", let us believe a portfolio called hit. In that portfolio we introduce the corresponding files.


Now we go High HIGH, and we will give them of high, we will classify them as Several,

For one quick classification, we will mark :

                                the stall for all the discharges

                                To assign as estilo1, the name of the portfolio


This way these given files of high, they will be classified in the estilo1, as HIT.









To associate the pisadores to the formats.


For to program, the emission of the pisadores or presentations, we will create a Format, for that we go to the screen of to create Format / program of the menu main.



We go to to create a format for example will make one simple:


I leave to the option format, and elijo  in 1 style, the one style bleated for example and I press the one button song., then the same thing for it is style hit.



Then I have created a format, with 2 with tracks:


                      Format song ballads

                      Format song hit



Now I want that when he/she reproduces this format, when putting the song of the style hit, put on a presentation or pisador above.



Then, I go to several, I choose the style hit that it had created previously and I pulse on the bellboys:


Several intro:  if I want that the pisador sounds at the beginning of the song


Several outro: if I want that it sounds at the end.


I can to choose the 2 options at the same time, even with a style of different pisador for the intro or outro.


We will be able to to check the assigned pisador, slipping the finder of those horizontally tracks.



Because already we have the format, fact, we go now to program it.



We place the format in the sheduling


We open the screen of the sheduling, we choose the day and the hour of emission of our format, and we select it in the column format




To synchronize with the intro



If we want that when we use a pisador or presentation, it is he/she finishes reproducing, when it finishes the intro of the song, we will activate the option, to synchronize intro that is in wit.config.general.presents.


That is to say if the intro of the song marks 15 seg. and the hard pisador 5 seg. Then he/she will reproduce the pisador in the seg 10, finishing in the 15.


If the song didn't have intro, or the time of the intro went inferior to the one of the one pisador, the pisador would reproduce to the beginning of the song.


Also you it reproduces the pisador to the beginning of the song, if the synchronization option it is disabled.