1.       To go to the player to radio Internet



2.       To pulse on configuration and it will leave the following screen



In PORT, we put the port number to use the 8080 for example

In Max User, is the maximum number of users that you/they will be been able to connect, should keep in mind that the used total bandwidth is similar to the I number of multiplied users for the quality of the emission.


Audio device: we select the card of audio that we will use for the streaming, radio Internet.


Audio line: we select the channel of the card of audio, for example if we will emit what reproduces the same pc, we will put el  "mixer" or "what is heard", if on the contrary we should emit the audio coming from a table of mixtures we will use the entrance" "line


Video device: if we want video retransmitir, images of our studies, we will have installed a webcam, or video capturadota, here we would select it. If we won't emit video, him we leave blank.


Profile: it is the quality of the emission, for example if we will emit audio to 128 kbs, we will put the" 21 V80_128stereoaudio", for other qualities selects them of the window drop-down.



Compressor output and rec, is securities to adjust the level of audio of exit, we should have encuenta that you/they go related with the channel of recording of the card of audio.

We will adjust them, according to our trajeta and necessities.



Once configured these securities, we give him to the seen green and we close the screen.

Next we give to the radio play Internet.


3.       radio Internet in green



To the book credit pulsed on the radio play Internet, if the configuration is well, it will should to put on the display in green.


4.       TO CHECK if the port is open


Once we have radio opened Internet we should make sure that the used port for the emissions of Internet are open, so that the listeners can be connected.


If there are used the port 8080, we will go to this address of Internet to check it.



and we obtain the following screen:



If he/she appears the port 8080 as open, all correct one is.

If he/she appeared as closed or invisible, nobody could be connected to our emission.


If he/she appeared as closed or invisible, the causes are:


-          a firewall installed in our pc

-          the one port of the router is closed or it is not redireccionado to our pc.




5.       As to listen to our listeners radio


The emission address will be :




in our ejemplo:   http: / /


The ip, is our ip of Internet, we can know which is from the same one test.





That address has to place it in a Windows pleasure he/she mediates, or to create one paginates web, with a control activex of the Windows pleasure mediates that makes of reproducer.