A format  is one utility to make complex programs and also to make scheduling complicated.



The Standard sheduling allows us to choose music styles and masks, and to insert them at the beginning of the hour.



But if we want to make a more custom sheduling we will appeal to the formats.

As we believe a format




1. Be believed as if it was a program.




Wit à  player à  programas  à  maintenance



















And we can create the sequence of the files that we want that they reproduce but with the novelty

That we have formats.


These formats are so that instead of putting a song concrete, we tell him that it puts a song of the style

HIT, then the player will put a canción  of HIT when it reproduces the program.


We have formats in songs, masks, several and news.


We can combine this way fixed files with variables, example of a program with formats.



1.  Mask :   'I radiate Kiss'

2.  Format song hit

3   Mask: 'I radiate kiss clasics'

4   Format song clasic

5   Mask: 'I radiate kiss news'

6   Format new last



That is to say we are using a fixed masks, but in those alone songs indicate this way him the style that we want, every time that repeats the program, will always be different.

























2 Format in scheduling


We have made a program, but it could serve us as sheduling.


That is to say that the sheduling, at a certain hour made this sequence continually

For this, we should go to scheduling  and to choose in FORMAT, the name of the program.

And during the time that lasts of that scheduling el  format he/she will go repeating continually.

If we only want that he/she reproduces a single time, we should to place it in programs.




And I list we already have a completely custom sheduling.