This facturación  module and administration of collections, it has invoices, budgets. Ten rates for each product, adaptability of the taxes, commercial. Automatic billing of all the invoices of all the clients at the end of the month. It negotiates the collection of you bill, so much the collection of exact amounts, like amounts on account. And he/she gives us a complete financial situation of the state of the clients. Besides graphics and statistic.











Maintenance of the data of their clients. It can also create the clients from the panel of billing.


























Maintenance of the products / concepts of billing. It admits up to 10 different prices.





Maintenance of the commercial of their company.












Methods of payment


It is the it forms in that will charge the invoices. He/she believes those that you want. Example: effective, transfer.




Entrance bills


Maintenance of the bills where it is entered the money that you get paid. Example: box, bank: BBVA, bank: The caixa.






Maintenance and creation of the taxes of their country. Example: VAT 16%




Fiscal data





They are those fiscal data that you/they will appear in the header of their invoice.


The data fiscal they are in witàconfiguracionesàgeneral fiscal data



Also the one logo can modify desde  witàconfiguracionesàgeneral logos



      Here it is where we believe, we modify or we eliminate the invoices.




You bill Invoices For forms


In the one panel of billing from here the invoices are believed, invoices and for forms.

First it specifies a client, next the products, the program admits references that not be of high.



Albaranes  à Invoices


In the one same panel of billing, it can transform the invoices into invoices. He/she can bill determined invoices of a client or of a single time to bill all the invoices of a month of all the clients.


Facturas    à  Invoices


He/she can you give to bill the invoices billed by mistake, while the invoice is not charged.






















Complete collections

It is used this form of getting paid when the amount of the collection corresponds some certain invoices. It can have a collection difference that he/she would go to regularizations of change.

Choose a client, and the invoices that correspond to the client.



Partial collections


When those collections don't correspond for example with the totals of the invoices quantities to it counts.



To mark earned invoices


It is of importance when the partial collections are used, as well as he/she goes covering the balance for the partial collections, go marking the invoices like paid, to maintain the bill of the squared client.










When he/she takes place a refund of the collection. For example a client returns us a check bank.








We obtain the situation of each client, earned invoices, slopes, invoices slopes of billing, collections, statistic and listings.

We can to obtain the individual situation or the group of the clients.








We can also to request statistic and reports of the situation.






You bill Invoices For forms


Here he/she can to consult, to list the invoices (all. charged- slopes)

those invoices (all. billed - slopes)

and those for forms.













Collections / refunds


It consults of the collections and the clients' refunds.










Complete collections


To modify the complete collections of the clients



Partial collections


To modify the partial collections of the clients





To modify the refunds of the collections of the clients













1      go to taxes and he/she believes the taxes of their country


2      go to data fiscal and introduce the data of their company


3      go to entrance bills and he/she believes the box bills or bank where it will enter the one money of the collections. The same thing with commercial, clients.


4      go to methods of payment and he/she believes: example transfer, effective.


5      go to products and he/she believes those that he/she needs


6      go to the one panel of billing