News Impact, is like it is denominated the module dedicated to the classification, search, storage, edition and emission of news.


News Impact comes already included of series when you acquire Wit 2004.



News Impact has been developed for all those users that need to administer relative sound documents to the information of news, with the purpose of speeding up the elaboration of their informative. He/she goes from the reception, development of the text , recording until the classification and storage.


The great novelty is News Impact Player, without a doubt, the great contribution of Lowe to the world of the news, is this new reproducer that will allow us, will speed up and he/she will give us a new one technical perspective when emitting in direct the informative spaces. With this reproducer it is understood like it is possible the use of funds, intros in great variety and in a very quick way in those informative.



News Impact it can also be used to part of our informative ones, for the development of magazines, sport retransfers and events of any class.


In this guide we go to comprender  the operation of News Impact  and we go to begin naming the different modules that you/they understand it and a brief one description of them that later will go seeing detail to detail. And one small explanation of terms.



News Impact player: it is an independent reproducer, with 100 independent cartridge holders that it controls besides advanced form musical funds and special goods.


News Seeker: he/she is the searcher of news, we it allows to apply filters and approaches to look for among the news that we have stored.


News Styles: it is where we believe the styles, classifications that we will apply to the news.


News manager: where we give of high the news that we receive. The we classify, we edit it and we record it. They are also carried out here those modifications, editions or the drop of the same ones.


News impact manager: it is where they are believed, they modify or they are given of low the insoles that will be loaded in the News Impact player.


News tag import: it allows us to make copies of the data, texts of those news and to keep them in the own sound file, as well as to give of high, to care files (for example files that we receive from other radio stations of I radiate) of news that already contain the whole information stored in the own file.


News configuration: technical configurations of sound cards and directory of storage.



Let us clarify to continuation the following terms:


News: It is the group of all the elements that compose a single individual news. It is an information, to the that we have recorded or published a sound text. Accompanied by the descriptions of the editor, the classifications and the sound file. (Example: Presentation of the last book recopilatorio of D. Andrés Catalayud"


Style: they are the denominations created to classify a News. ( Example: international, economy, local, internacional.etc.)


Backs: when we use this word us we refer to the background music that he/she will be able to be for a new or when the speaker is speaking in direct.




Insole News Impact: It is the group of news, introductions, jingles, musical funds that compose an informative space and that they will be used in the news impact player.



IMPORTANT:   Wit admits files midi, but we should not use them, or when using them it is necessary to keep in minds that these they cannot mix to each other.  For what is advisable to pass them to wave to obtain a complete operation of those reproducers.








In this screen it is where the following parameters are configured:


Directory news: it is where those will be stored sound files that we record.


Bitrate MP3: it is the quality of the recordings with the one that the news will be recorded


Audio Device Play: it is the card for the one that you they will reproduce the sound files, when we are consulting, creating, recording and publishing.


Device Audio Record: it is the sound card that will be used as entrance of recording of the news.


Directory Backup: Portfolio in which you/they will be stored the backup copies of the data of high and classification of the news.






Before creating the news we should to define the styles that we will apply to the news and that then they will be good us for a quick search of the same ones. Let us give to create how many styles we need for a correct and precise classification.


We have to keep in mind that to each news we will be able to to assign him at the same time 5 styles.

In this screen we can create, to modify or to eliminate a style.


Example of news styles they could be :  national, local, economy, books, flash. etc.



























This is the main screen of News Impact, here is where we give of high, we modify, we record and we publish the news.



To give first of discharge a News we will press the button + and next we will stuff the data and styles.


It dates


Name of the new




File: it is the route where he/she is the one sound file if it is already recorded, if he is not when we press the button record/edit we can record it and this field you it will supplement automatically.

New text: it is the text body of the news.

Description: related with the new.

Documentation: related with the new.

Contacts: related with the new.


Record / edit: This button takes us to the editor engraver of audio, if the new doesn't have file recorded here we can record it directly and automatically he/she will stay it in the portfolio that we have specified in general configuration, and it will complete us automatically the field of the route of file of the new. If the file is already recorded, we will be able to publish it or it will return to record on him. ( More information in Record news)


Button Portfolio (beside route file and record / edit ): If we want to already associate to the new a file engraving, from here we select their location.


Reproducer here can listen the file sound of the new, it will be reproduced in the card of sound selected in news configuration.


Button Beginning: Here we select in that moment of the file the reproduction of the news will take place, for what is not necessary to publish the file with it that we will save ourselves a lot of time. Because of oneself file will be able to create different news, with total speed.


Button End   : It marks the moment in that it will finish the reproduction of the New one.


To go a minute: It takes us to a minute of the file sound that later will be able to mark like beginning or end.


To go a second: It takes us to a second of the file sound that later will be able to mark like beginning or end.


To go a hour: It takes us at a hour of the file sound that later will be able to mark like beginning or end.


To look for News / Seek: it takes us to the screen that us it allows to filter and to select an or a group of news, for their localization in a quick way. ( more information in News Seeker)


Styles: To each New one can associate him five styles that later they will help us to a quick localization of the same one.





If what we want to make is to divide a file of long duration, to have different selected fragments of the same one we will make the following one.


to)       Let us believe a new , selecting the file and in beginning-end we mark the first segment.

b)       To continuation presses copy. We modify the name, the one beginning and end.


This way it is extremely easy the to break into fragments a recording of long duration and to use it for courts.




He/she can send any news text plus the sound file via email with only to pulse the button of he/she sent for email.




















This is the screen that will allow us to consent to the news, so much to publish it as to load it in the hotzone of the player or to select it to include it in the insoles of the News impact player in the News impact manager.



The conditions that we go selecting leave adding, for example if we select a style more a second styles will show us all the news that complete some of the two styles.


It also allows us to look for words or sentences that are contained in some element of the news, we will be able to select in that elements want to look for: name, text new, info, documentation, contacts, sources, editor, population, country. And we will be able to choose if we want that the search is for words or exact sentences.



















Screen in which we believe , we modify or we eliminate the insoles of the News Impact manager, that is to say the group of elements (news, intros, funds) that form an informative space.


1         Let us believe or we modify an insole

2         We choose the elements of the insole


The insole admits 60 news, 20 intros and 20 backs (musical funds)


to)       we will select him module of the insole that we want seleccionar  News 1-20,21-40,41-60  intros 1-20  backs 1-20


b)       The it darts blue it loads the file that we have selected in that moment, he/she can to be a song, mask, news, publicity, several, fx  



c)       The eraser, annuls the selected file.



















The most important novelty in news, it is this new patent of Lowe, News impact player. A form of to emit in direct their informative spaces, events and magazines.

It requires a learning on the part of their technicians, but him it will facilitate the whole technical part of their informative ones vastly.


It has those following instantaneous cartridge holders:


60 for News

20 for Intros

20 for backs (musical funds)

20 for space goods (2 Fx´s)




1         We go to load, we select the insole (that there are created in news impact manager) and we press the button of loading.


Here we have two options :

       - to reproduce directly

 - to reproduce in the player, if elegismos is option the files they are correspondents a    the Hotzone of the player instead of being reproduced by the reproducer of the News impact.



2         We pulse the button that we want that he/she reproduces



3         If next we press another button this he/she will put on in red (IN WAIT) and to the one to finish the one that is reproducing will connect with the one that is in wait.



4         Those bellboys have already been reproduced they change color, they become white



5         The rubber button of erasing annuls the button that is in wait.





There are two classes of Backs


              NEWS BACKS: it is the musical bottom that you it reproduces when in play a New one

              BACK: it is the musical bottom that you it reproduces at every moment


              This second back class has two additional options:


                 Stop back intros: the back stops when there is an intro in the play

                 Stop back news :  the back stops when there is a new in the play


The back starts and they stop automatically according to what is in Play, should only worry of to have them selected, if we don't have none selected the backs doesn't act.


The back is selected through the mouse and of the button left and right.


 BUTTON MOUSE LEFT it selects the one BACK



The eraser erases the selected back.


We can change the back although he/she is reproducing, it would change to the new one carrying out a fade.




We can load two insoles of Fx´s and when pressing the mouse it has more than enough un  fx, this he/she reproduces automatically and immediately.




News Impact player has four independent volumes:


1 for the news reproducer and intros

2 for the reproduction of Fx

3 for the News Back

4 for the Back

We will be able to give securities to each one according to our necessities technical.




This value the seconds of duration of the fade, of the mixture among what is reproducing and him that he/she will reproduce.


Adjust this value according to their technical approaches.













In this screen we can



To care files of new of another radio radio station or own, and to recover all it related to the news in the same moment in that one gives the discharge of the file. We will select the portfolio where they are the files that we want to care, to select them and next to press the button to care.

When caring a file if those styles don't exist, they are created automatically.




To make that the texts, information, styles all the data of text of the news are stored in the own tag of the file. This way when we export it or let us give of low, all the data are next to the file and they would be recovered automatically, in the moment in that you/they are cared.


We can select or to limit for it dates the files in those that we want to make the backup copy of those data.












8 APPENDIX: studio record / edit     tele-scroll




We consent to this screen from News manager, in the button record edit.


In this screen we can see the news that we will record and the text of the same one.


When pressing the button RECORD it will begin to record after three seconds.

To Stop the recording we press the STOP.

Then we can publish the recording. (Goods, filters, etc.)


Once we give had concluded the recording and assembly of the new, we press Ok. Then the file sound it is recorded in the hard disk (in the portfolio that we have indicated in news configuration) and automatically the route is related with the New one.








The tele scroll, helps us to the recording of the news, because us it will slip the text for a better reading of the same one.


He/she starts automatically when we press the record. We will only owe first to have opened the tele - scroll pressing the drawing of the tele of the screen of the one television of the studio record edit, before pressing the one button record.  Once open the tele-scroll we send the screen to the bottom so that it doesn't bother us, and this it will be recovered and setting in march when pressing the button RECORD.