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                               Tele scroll player



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INFO SYSTEM: maintenance




Info system  es the form of storing information on musical interpreters. So that we can have her in any moment and associate automatically at once a song that we consult their info.


With this system we will be able to go developing our own one database on the history and events of a musical group.








1                     Here believe, we modify or we eliminate the interpreters and their data.


BUTTON SONGS:  este button that makes it is that we care those name of the artists of the songs that we have given of high. If the one interpreter already exists him she doesn't repeat.


2                     Here we see the songs that we have of high, of the interpreter selected in the step 1

Let us remember that the modifications relating to the files stocking they are carried out from:

Witàplayeràarchivos mediaàmedia manager
















INFO SYSTEM: to export to care groups




This screen allows us to share the information of the groups with other users of Wit or other radio stations.

We can export and to care our data.








1                     We select if we want to care or to export


2                     We choose a directory, where you they find the data to care or where we will export them



3                     You select the groups that we want to export or to care


If a group exists / artist, to substitute it: when selecting this option, if the one group artist already has them in our system it will be replaced. If this option is not active it will be ignored.


                4              to Begin the export or import























Here we control the hour of the system and the acoustic signs indicative of hours, stockings and rooms.


Wit upgrades the hour of the system directly of a servant through internet, and it allows to upgrade this action each certain frequency of time.


It also allows us to substitute the classic hoots schedules for any file that we want.





1                     We choose the nearest servant geographically, with the same area horaria


2                     We configure the access according to those data of the servant



3                     AUTOMATIC


We can make that WIT upgrades the hour automatically each a certain number of hours.


4                     To upgrade hour


It consults the hour to the servant

5              Reset


                               It recovers the default configuration


6              Sounds



Here we specify if we want that sound the hoots or another files in:


Horas                   :    00:00

You mediate hours      :   00:30

Fourth hours     :   00:15  00:45


We should point out the option so that sound the signs horarias.













Screen that slips the text to facilitate the reading to the speakers.


The tele-scroll can work of it forms manual and in automatic way synchronized with the player and when he/she reproduces a file the tele-scroll it is shot with the text associated to that file and that it is what has to read the speaker.








The options of the tele - scroll allows us:


To synchronize the tele-scroll with the player and with the one engraver of presentations and news.


                                               Of the files stocking would slip the info help

                                               Of the programs the help voice               

                                               Of the news the text of the news


To regulate the speed of the one slip

Advance and quick setback

To slip page to page

To slip up or down

To slip the same text continually loop

To change the colors and centered of the one text


















TELE-SCROLL: scrolls





Here we can develop scrolls manually, that is to say texts that will slip to inclination of the Tele-scroll player.

The scrolls will be texts independent to the files stocking, programs and news.









STOP      to insert this command in the text he/she will make that the Tele-scroll player stop when it arrives to him.
















































The tele player monitor is a reflection of the PLAYER.


The objective is to offer information of what you is reproducing in any pc of the net, of the selected radio station.


It is ideal for the studies of since locution the speakers they have the information of what is reproducing, that that you it will reproduce and the times.


Tambíen from here we can activate the tele-scroll and the speaker to read the texts in an automatic way, according to the technical development of the program and without worrying about anything then everything it will be synchronized from the PLAYER.


Top most: this option makes that the tele monitor be always visible.





































It is a module that will allow us that we have the hours recorded by the nuestroslocutores voices so that he/she says the hour in a certain moment.


First debit side to record those voices of the hours and of the minutes.


From the hour 00 at 23 o'clock hrs Example: it is "10 o'clock hours 24 recordings

And of the minute 00 at the 59 Example: " And fifteen minutes" 60 recordings


He cheats voice it will combine the file of the hour + the file of those minutes to obtain the hour.


He cheats voice it allows us to add an intro cheat and an outro cheats a hour, it is to say a file that will reproduce before saying the hour and others that you he/she will reproduce after to say it that can be a recording with a sound characteristic, patronage, sponsor, etc.


We can also choose a file of background music BACK MUSIC for when say the hours, this file will reproduce automatically, when it is not used the option overlay, if it uses this option and there is not anything reproducing in the reproducer, the background music would also be activated.



In the option 1 select the files sound and we relate them with the hour, minutes, intro cheat, outro cheats and back music. Also we choose the sound level for the back music and we have an option of Check , of confirmation.


In the option 2

Way is the form in that he/she will reproduce automatically the hour:


Exact : it will stop the reproduction and he/she will say the hour. Then it will continue with a new track.


Near : he/she will wait to that finishes the track that is reproducing


Overlay: it will reproduce the hour on the track that is reproducing, it will lower the one level of sound of the same one according to the value of slope of the presentations of voice.


For sequence : it will reproduce each a certain number of songs, the hour. It uses the way overlay.


Automatic : Combination of hours and minutes so that it programs in that moment

the hour it should be said.


To activate the hour from the player or to insert in the lists of programs that we make of

it forms manual we will use the commands of the player and of the programs.








We find them in the hotzone of the player and in the one maintenance of programs.


A command is an order that we insert among the tracks.


Types of commands


Ri Remote beginning pauses: for when we use connections with wit. Active the time for the publicity of the radio stations that are connected to us.


Rf Remote end pauses: for when we use connections with wit. It disables the time for the publicity of the radio stations that are connected to us.


P Publicity : it reproduces the following one advertising block.


S Stop : for the reproducer.


T Time Instant: immediately he/she says the hour (overlay )


T Time command : he/she says the hour (near )



In the player




In programs