Remote corresponding to Programs Fxs and Rapids



























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PROGRAMS : maintenance


A program is a list of files multimedia that you they will reproduce in a serial way and we put him a name to identify each one of these lists.







            1 to          to Create a program


                1 b          to Modify or to eliminate a program


EMAIL   :   can send the program for email, if the program has recorded presentations, we will also be able to send them.


COPY    :       makes a copy of the program, for if we want to create another starting from one

                                                BUTTON - :    it eliminates the program or selected programs.


2                     Files the program

Here we choose the files that they will form the program


it uses text voice     : it means that what we write in the one help voice, it will be read for artificial voices when he/she will reproduce.


Changes with effect: what an and it will use an insole of FXS so that when they are carried out the mixtures a special efcto it is used.


To select effect change: here we select the name d ela insole of Fxs that will be used in the changes with effect.


Help voz               : in this editor we can write text that will be read by the artificial voices to the one I begin of the song if we have the option text activated voice. Or we simply can to write annotations for the speakers. Annotations are they will be able to be loaded automatically in the tele-scroll, when we are reproducing the program.

We will only have to have opened the one tele-scroll in in pleasure and to have selected the option to synchronize with the pleasure.





The text that aprecería in the tle-scroll would be what there are written in the help voice, and it would be loaded automatically when he/she will reproduce the file in the pleasure.



STOP     : it affects to the help voice, makes that if we load the text in the tele-scroll, this when he/she finds the mark of the stop, he/she will stop.







































FXS: maintenance


The FXS is groups of 10 special goods that we use them in the pleasure for example and that con  the keys of the keyboard F1, F2.F10 can be used.


The Fxs can also be used when we activate the option change with goods that you enter when making the mixture two files would use a special effect during the fade of the files. They can also be loaded in the reproducer of news  news impact pleasure.






                1 A          If we will create a new FXS

                1 B          to Modify a FXS: we select of the list the FXS.


2              to Select Fx


Here we have the list of the Fx that we have of high, and we can make the list of the 10 fx that the FXS will compose


We select the Fx and we press the arrow blue that will place it in the selected square.






















RAPIDS : maintenance


A you shave it is the selection of 20 files stocking that you/they will be been able to to reproduce from the player  activating the option rapid player.


The rapids will allow to prepare of 20 instantaneous files and of easy access that you/they can be we of great utility when we make emissions in direct.





                1 to          to Create a you shave new

                1 B          to Modify or to already eliminate a rapid existent.


COPY                    : he/she makes one it copies of the rapid, to create one new starting from one existent.

                                               BUTTON -                :   eliminates the rapid or existent rapids.



2                 Files of the rapid


Here we select the files stocking that they will be part of the rapid.


We select the file and to continuación  presses the blue arrow so that he/she appears in the selected square.


















It is the reproducer of the rapids.

To open it we should be in the PLAYER, and to select the option RAPIDS.




It is an instantaneous and RECHARGEABLE reproducer of files from the same player.


We can also make rapids insoles, to already have the rapids prepared.




 blue play :  it reproduces


 gray play: he/she leaves the rapid in wait and he/she will reproduce when it finishes the one that is reproducing.


H: it loads the rapid in the hotzone of the player

N: it loads the rapid in the next of the player


Rubber to erase: it erases the rapid

It darts blue: it loads the file he/she mediates that we have pointed out in the half files of the player.


I square white: it loads us a rapid hole

It rotates: it changes title to interpreter and vice versa.