The scheduling it controls the emission in an automatic way, we will be able to decide that music type, masks, programs, fx, presentations, sequences they should be emitted in one day and hour concretes. It is very useful in radio stations 100% automatic or in hours that you/they should work without human presence.





Remote corresponding to Files stocking




Programmer emissions


Masks filler



























































It is the control panel of every day of the week, divided per hours. Here we select the parameters and we adapt them to our programming.








1              Select as we want to program the sheduling, every hour, each 30 minutes o    every 15    minutes.










2         We should select the day that we want to program














3         We have the 24 hours that form the day








































We will see now the elements to program:


0              Formats

1              Sequence masks songs

2              Styles songs

3              Styles masks

4              Fxs


5              Mask

6              Several   

7              Program


8              Intro Outro presentation

9              Overdisk








0             Formats


The formats are that is to say an option that allows us to make complex custom schedulings, if we want to make special cases.


For example to combine certain files and variables.


A format is the same thing that a program and it is believed in maintenance of programs.

The difference is in that if we put it here in Formats, the program will leave reptiendo once behind another.

If we put it in alone programs he/she reproduces once.


                               A MANUAL EXISTS CALLED FORMATS, for better help.






1         Sequence masks songs



It is I number of masks that will put on each a certain number of songs.


We should remember that in style of masks, we will be able to choose those masks that we want to put. And in style of songs the songs.












2     Styles songs



Here we determine that type of songs that we will put.

To the made book credit the high one or from half manager, we should have classified the songs for styles.

Then here we put the styles of the songs that should to put on in the hour and selected day.

We can end up putting up to 10 styles, and then he/she will go putting one of each style following the established order and when finishing it begins from the first style again.


For example we could tell him:    1   Success     2 balada     3 Years 70       4 Rock       5 Program night


3     Styles masks



Here we determine that type of masks will put.


We can have this way some masks more characteristic of every hour of the one day, and even of program, because we could make some masks for the dawn and it would seem an own program.









4     FXS


This option is for if we want to use special goods during the mixtures of the songs or what we have configured in


Wit à configurations à configuration generates it fx


We can indicate that insoles of Fxs should be used.


   Let us remember the insoles of Fxs they are groups of 10 special goods that we have created.






5          Mask

6          Several 

7          Program





Here we can select a mask, a several ones and a program.

The programs are believed in:  Wit à pleasure à programs à maintenance



We select a concrete file, not a style.


Then at once that it is the hour, it will emit that mask , that several ones and that program, following this order.


Then it would continue with the other parameters of the scheduling, for example the styles of songs and masks selected.


For example we could program a program and that when it will finish it will continue with a certain music.


Let us remember that the programs can also be programmed in the programmer of emissions , where we can specify more concrete hours.


For sequences different to these, that is to say to create those that we want should use the FORMATS




8                    Intro Outro presentation




Here we select if we want that the songs are presented automatically.


We should keep in mind that WIT allows us to have up to 50 recordings of presentation and of farewell of a song, for what we can use up to 50 different voices for each song.


Here we can choose that voice wants that it presents the songs at a concrete hour.




                Those voices are recorded in wit à pleasure à presentations voice à song files stocking



9         OVERDISK




Overdisk or pisadores, are so that each a number certain of songs, reproduce a fx on the song.

The fx you it will reproduce after x seconds of having begun the song.  The seconds that should lapse so that reproduce they configure in


Wit à  configuración  à general  à overdisk


Overdisk      :     selects the fxs insole

          verd            :    it is the number that indicates us each that number of songs will be reproduced the fx

















   It erases all the data of the block or of the day



  They copy and pegan  all the data of the block or of the day









Here what is made is, to say that day and hour we want that you emit a program.

The programs believe them in:   Wit à pleasure à programs à maintenance


If what we want is to program a program weekly, the better option is to use that of programs in the scheduling maintenance.


The difference is that here we can program a program and to specify the hour that we want, because in maintenance of the scheduling, it should begin at one hour on the dot. Example : 1500,2100 and here we can to specify 15:15 or 2110.



1                     We select the program

2                     We specify the date and hour of emission


Here we prepare of options to eliminate scheduled programs and listing and informes    of the same ones.


























Here we specify the masks that are used for those sequences of x masks x songs of the PLAYER




It is for when not we have any style selected in the scheduling and we have the padded option of the selected player.


If we don't have selected filler masks and we are in the player would only put songs and it would not insert masks in the emission in an automatic way.