Wit allows us a control and administration of the contracts of publicity with a great number of options and posbilidades.





Remote corresponding to Publicity



Publi manager


                Publi manager

                For Blocks


Issued publicity / slope to emit




              To consult


              Number jingles of the Block






















































In this screen we control all it with respect to the publicity, their recruiting, emission and billing.










1 to When we have received the acceptance of a client that he/she wants publicity in our radio stations, we will create the first thing an advertising CONTRACT. We will put him a name and then we select the name of this client. If it is a new client first we should give it of high, we can make them from the button +.











1 b  Si what we want is to modify or to eliminate a I already hire existent, we go here.



 We can order them for :



             contract number


 We also can to filter them to know those that :


                             If he/she bills                  : that they have already been billed

                                           doesn't bill  : that they have not still been billed

                             Non jingle                   : those that have not still been recorded that not they have sound file.

                             End + Non factura     : that the contract has already been completed, ended and still it has not been billed.


  To eliminate a contract

                            Button  -                   : it eliminates the selected contract


 Publicidad           : it shows us the advertising contracts

Jingles                 : it shows us the masks and we can to program the emission of the masks of the radio station as if they were announcements in the advertising block. It can be useful to promote other programs of the radio station and to take a control of these promotions.



2     Here specify the sound file of the one I announce or announcements



We can make contracts that you contain up to 5 files or different announcements, there are sometimes campaigns that consist of several announcements different and that he/she will bill everything together.


We have 5 enumerated fields from the 1 to the 5 where we will put the route of the sound files. The numbers are important because in the one following step this I NUMBER it indicated us the file that should be emitted if we use more than one.


                Inicio     : we mark the one beginning of the file, the moment in that he/she will begin to reproduce.

                End          : we mark the end of the file, the moment in that he/she will stop to reproduce.

                Duration: time that the announcement lasts


When having the possibility of 5 files, when with the mouse we pulse on each one, he/she makes them to be activated the beginning data, end, duration of the pressed file.


                Monitor Cue: for preescuchar the file


Realization data: we can insert the text of the announcement and data technician so that the one realizador           knows like debit side to be recorded the announcement.


Estilo        : we can specify that type of I hire it is for example: bar, fashion, hostelry, drinks that later it will be we useful if we activate the option that separate the announcements oneself style inside the block, that is to say that order the announcements of the block so that they separate those that are of oneself style, whenever you to possible and also keeping in mind the preference of emission of the client.    


This option is activated in:

   Witàconfiguracionesàconfiguración generalàpublicidad not to repeat publicity of the same style




3 specify days and hours of emission.




Of the day to the one :   Intervals of the days in that it should to be emitted the contract


Days         : we select the days of the week in that it will emit.


Hour blocks: if we have created blocks to emit the publicity, here we select in that blocks schedules we will emit the announcement.


When pressing the green play the blocks selected they pass to the squares, we can also put manually the hours in the squares. Although this option of being able to him to make manual and not to use those predetermined blocks, conditioned desde  comes Witàconfiguracionesàconfiguración generalàpublicidad in alone publicity in blocks, that is to say that we could only put the publicity in the blocks already established.


The contract to emit, as a contract can have up to 5 files, to the right of the square of each hour we have another square that we can put him an I number from the 1 to the 5 that you it would correspond to the number of file of the contract, if we leave it blank you he/she understands that it is the number 1.


Emission preference     :si leaves to emit in blocks position that it should to occupy in relation to other  clientes, to be the first one, second or last.


Total hired emissions         : the number of jingles passes


Total emissions pendientes          : it indicates us the passes of the contract still slopes of being carried out.

Total emissions realizadas              : it indicates us the passes of the contract that they already have been carried out or emitted.


Automático          :   would be to program the emissions in the way explained previously starting from intervals of days and hours.


Manual                  : if that that we want it is to program the emission of the contract in an atypical way from this option podemos  to make it, to go directly to the blocks and to insert in them the announcement.



4   Billing of the contract.




Here we insert those data of the billing of the contract the concept and price of the same one.


To create factura      : the contract will be billed. We can bill it when we want, so much to the beginning, between or end of the contract


                                Once invoice the contract, modifcar the data of the same one are not been able to. For to modify them would have to annul the invoice.  


Imprimir               : it prints the invoice

Comprobante     : it prints a voucher of the days and hours in that the announcements of the contract were emitted


Button -              : it annuls the invoice, and it is again the contract without billing.







5 TO PRINT contract



          here we can to print an agreement acceptance so that the firm thing the client, while it is deacuerdo with the contract. The text of the norms of the contract on the part of the radio radio station is configured in:


Witàconfiguracionesàconfiguración generalàcontratos




6 Maintenance



To regenerate            :  It eliminates all the data of the list of jingles publicity, and the it regenerates starting from the data of all the contracts again. It affects to the whole contracts.


To order jingles Blocks:   Revises all the blocks and it reorders the jingles according to the approaches of order of the client and of separating jingles of the same style inside a block if we have this option activated. We should keep in mind that the jingles is already ordered automatically as well as we go creating or modifying the contracts, for what only should to be made by maintenance reasons or irregularities of the system.





Here we have a form manual of programming the publicity, it can be useful for radio stations that require an atypical form or personalized when emitting the publicity. Both can be used you form at the same time, to use the manual or automatic form (publi manager).




            1 select the it dates and the bloque  (we will be able to visualize the content of the one block)


                2 select the announcement or the mask (we insert the mask or announcement in the one block)


 In the one grid can see like it is compound the block, the announcements or masks that they form it and la   duration of the same one.







Here we obtain reports about the issued publicity and slope of emitting.

To remember that these data can also be obtained in the one publi manager. Although here we will be able to obtain global data.




1.        We select the report type issued publicity or slope


2.        Ordenadar form the report:



For date

For company


3.        If we have chosen for company, the we select of the list


4.        Interval of Dates of the report



5.        to see all the data of the report of issued or pending publicity, without any filter


















BLOCKS : maintenance


Creation, modification, elimination and parameters of those blocks.








1.        maintenance of schedules of those blocks. We specify that hours we want so that you mitan the advertising blocks, we can choose those that we want to adapt it to our necessities.



2.        To insert masks inside those blocks


We can tell to Wit that when it will put an advertising block it puts:


To the beginning of the block         : Before of beginning a mask

Finally of the bloque             :   When finishing another mask

Cada                                 :    A mask each a certain number of announcements


Style masks to insert: To select that type of masks debit side to use.



3.        Maximum number of recommended jingles for a block. It is the maximum number of announcements that we want in a block, this figure doesn't limit it will simply warn us when we exceed ourselves of that number when we are making high in the publi manager.























BLOCKS : to check numbers of jingles in the blocks





It is a screen that checks us if we have blocks advertising with an excess jingles number that overcomes the established value in the maintenance of blocks.











1.        Interval of Dates of the confirmation


2.        Options of the confirmation



All:   will show us the jingles number of all the blocks


The blocks that overcome the jingles number: it will only show us the blocks that they overcome the maximum number of jingles specified in maintenance of blocks.




















Creation, modification and elimination of those the clients' of the contracts data

Address data, fiscal, commercial, banks, forms of payment.

Some of the data for example commercial, you form of payments that should be chosen first should create you in the module of billing of wit.

Specify the rate of billing, wit it admits up to 10 rates.