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                To install wit

                To install wit in the terminals

                Wit use in net


                To install an upgrade

                Problems cd ripper


Radio stations





                Backup copies

                Codecs of sound

                               To recover codecs original windows xp

















INSTALLATION: to install wit




Requirements of hardware:


                               CPU 2000 Mhz or superior

                               512 ram

                               Vga 1024x768

                               Card compatible sound Sound Blaster



                               We recommend that it uses the integrated sound card in the board bases for preescuchar CUE and one insert additional card for the reproduction.



Requirements of operating system:


                               Windows XP FOR or Windows 2003 Server


                               Don't use a previous operating system to these.




To install wit in a PC or in a servant


                               We recommend the use of a Pc dedicated, and with a lot of control of the programs that installs.

Wit uses the codecs acm of audio installed in windows for the decompression and reproduction of files of audio and video. For that that if it installs programs that modify these codecs that for example they substitute them with old or faulty versions that sometimes they come from alteration of open source, it can cause that wit doesn't work well. For example that there are pauses among song and song, and alterations in the reproductions.


The best thing is to format the pc to install windows and acontinuación wit.


To install wit we should enter as ADMINISTRATOR, I don't eat user if we have user bills in the windows, because wit needs to write in the registrations.


We should install a complete version of Wit.

We follow the indications of the one installer and we restart the computer.


Wit is already clever to work, only we will go to witàarchivos stocking->altas and to give of high files of audio or video.


Wit admits all the files of audio and compatible video with windows half player 9, it also admits wma, wmv, vcd, divx, mpg and he/she will also be able to to incorporate any new format, just by installing their codec in windows.





To install wit in a Terminal


To install wit in a terminal we should enter as ADMINISTRATOR, I don't eat user if we have user bills in the windows, because wit needs to write in the registrations.


We should install a complete version of Wit.

We follow the indications of the one installer and we restart the computer.


Next we go to wit à configuration à general à net


1 - we activate the opción  TERMINAL PC

2-  in URL put the address of the portfolio wit of the server.


Example URL:     \ \ name_server\c\wit














Once configured we will be able to make any task from any terminal. The only restriction to have in it counts it is that a reproducer of a radio can only be opened in an alone one PC. That is to say if you emit several radio stations it can open up in each PC the one reproducer of a radio station, but he/she cannot have open the reproducer of one same radio station at the same time in two Pc´s. First debit side to close it to be able to him to open up in another terminal.



























INSTALLATION: wit use in net


To use wit in net once installed in the servant and in the terminals we will only have that to keep in mind a concept.


THE ROUTE OF THE FILES so that they are recognized in any terminal.


We will be able to store the files of audio as much in the servant as in the terminals, the only thing has to keep in mind it is the form of the route of the location of the file.



When giving a high of file in a PC, if we use the following route:


C:\canciones\madonna.mp3    This I file it would only work in the Pc where it has been given of high.


On the other hand if we use the route from my net places:


\\nombre_pc\c\canciones\madonna.mp3   This file it will work perfectly in the whole net.


Therefore when using Wit in net, we should give the discharges from My Places of Net , also the routes of the storage directories, backup copies, voices, presentations, recordings, ripeador should to be specified following this approach.





For to make sure that in way net the discharges are given from My net places, go: witàconfiguracionesàconfiguración generalàred  y activates the safe-deposit control.

This control of security won't allow him to give another type of high














INSTALLATION: to install an upgrade


            From witàayudaàcontenidosàversión   he/she will be able to know if it is available a new wit version and the modifications that have been carried out in her.


If we will install an upgrade of wit (to Install a new version on the one that already we have). we should follow the norms that accompany the installation of the new one version.


But first we will make one backup copy of the portfolio c:\wit of the servant.


To restart the computer and without opening wit , to install the update in the servant


To restart the computer again.







INSTALLATION: problems cd ripper


If when he/she attempts rippear a cd he/she has problems, non rippea is due to the lack of controllers ASPI installed in their PC or to hardware problems

Install a version of the ASPI of Adaptec compatible with their hardware.

Consult to the technical support.










Wit can control up to 50 radio stations with completely independent data for each one of them, files, billing, programs.


The only ones data that comunes is been to all the radio stations are the NEWS and the INFO of interpreters or groups.


When opening wit it allows him to select the radio station in which wants to work.







In witàemisorasà maintenance  it can create or to eliminate radio stations of the system.

Also it can indicate WIT that goes directly to a radio station when beginning.









MAINTENANCE: base of data


All the data of Wit are stored in databases. These databases they can sometimes be damaged if the Pc is blocked or there is electric power courts.


If it happens some error of bases, him it will leave some message like: "ERROR OPEN TABLE ERROR MDX", etc.


Then execute the program c:\wit\hospital.exe from the servant to repair the charts

(more information in the guide of configurations)











MAINTENANCE: copies of security



Carry out backup copies periodically , for not having losses of their data.


Wit even allows him to program for days the backup copies so that they are made in an automatic way.


(more information in the guide of configurations)




MAINTENANCE: sound codecs





Aveces to the one to install some programs modifies us the codecs of audio and video installed in the xp.


Sometimes they are usually pack that circulate dedicated to see those movies in divx and that they take great quantity of codecs , all contained.


If the codec is modified by an older version or some modification has simply been made in him (versions opensource) he/she can give problems to the reproducers of WIT, that it uses the windows codecs.


The problem that it arises it affects to the mixtures:


-          Delay in the mixtures of the songs, they are blank spaces that can arrive to the 20 seconds.


-          Delays in the loads of Fx, voices, presentations


-          Failure of the replay



The problem it arises us when recovering the original codecs that they came with the xp.



















1.        First these they are the original codecs of windows xp of audio and of video






2. The easiest form to recover the codec

   1.Ir MI PCà panel of controlà sistemaà administrating Hardwareà of hardware ->sound devices and audio




Where we will find the access to the codecs of audio and video.


2.        we go first to the codecs of audio and we remove all the that they appear in the list

3.        we go to codecs of video and we also remove them all.

4.        We will install again the one Windows xp, but SELECTING to REPAIR INSTALLATION, so that we don't lose any fact, neither you program neither configurations.




It is important to take a control of the programs that we install in the computers that you/they work with WIT. For to prove new programs is advisable to use another computer to avoid possible incidents.